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Casa Beggiato 

Casa Beggiato 

We are a team with a common passion: the love for the selection of the "real" German Shepherd. Stefano Beggiato is the organiser, manager and mind leader of the group; with a background experience of fortieth years, everyday succeeds in involving and rousing the enthusiasm of all other team member. The goal is the prosecution and continuous progress of the activity.

Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

Each team member, Stefano included, follows a daily activity which is very dissimilar to the breeding; in fact, each one devotes himself to another principal occupation and in the evening or during weekends spend time with friends in various training fields or in trips to Germany or Italy in important exhibitions. This shows that our breeding, not being the principal activity on which the sustenance of various families depend, is able to emerge as a real and true sport or a recreational activity not tied to economic needs. It is interesting and doubtless true that an activity pursued solely for pleasure, not being subordinate to economic necessities, is conducted with more enthusiasm, which is the best guarantee for greater results. After this brief introduction, I’d like to give an extensive summary of Stefano’s "dog-lover’s past" before he received the loyalty and appraisal of those friends who work with him today.

Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato
Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

In the year 1978 he performs his first cyno-athletics with the bitch “Kafra di Val del Tiepido”, sister of Auslese SAS “Kento di Val del Tiepido”. At the age of 11 only, he started training his own dogs beginning in athletics, which at that time was the class A and obtaining various victories, also as being the younger trainer. In 1980 he began developing a passionate interest as well in breeding, attending dog’s beauty shows, which soon became his most important amusement as a master of ceremonies.

Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

Dad Beggiato with the first litter of "Casa Beggiato". 1978

In 1981 he also gains experience as a figure in the SAS “ Parco Lambro” actively following the grounding and training of the Guardia di Finanza’s dogs. At the age of 14 years he won his first SAS Italian Championship with a bitch bred and trained by himself, which would then be awarded with the title of the best Italian dam in 1985. This bitch would then become the original dam of his kennel. Afterwards, with his kennel, he conquered a fourth place in the SV Championship, a sixteenth place and a twenty-first place still in the World Championship of German Breeds.

Several victories followed in national and international contests, both in Italy and abroad. Between 1983 and 1986 he continues his studies (which he had always attended with passion and good marks) acting as a handler and presenting dogs, even not his owns, and allowing them to obtain various titles even those no longer in use today such as "Hope", "Promising" and "Auslese" .

Still during that period, he handled and conducted different dogs up to the 3rd Working Title and Selection, an activity which he still pursues but fortunately today (unlike during his high school days) not for the sake of profit.

In 1986 he concluded an official course in preparation as a trainer and spent the summer with the current head of the training department of the SAS, Carmelo Sesto, and became at 18 years old only the official trainer.

Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

Between 1986 and 1998 he bred, handled, selected, presented and conducted numerous dogs, both his own and not, among which four received the title Auslese. In the last few years, he has held the position of Vice-President in one of the most important Departments in Italy, the SAS Parco Lambro.

In 1998, he presented in the SAS Championship of Breeding a spectacular group of litter by Hero della Grande Valle, a dog owned by him which he had personally conducted through the Third Working Title, besides selecting it for Vita. The experience of presenting at the Italian Breeding Championship the group of Hero would then be replicated in 1999 with as much success and with a group that is still more numerous. Presently he is the head of breeding in the SAS Parco Lambro, pursues a career in the dogs he produce, puppies or descendants of his dog Hero and is fortunate to have some owners of his dogs (who then became important friends) who help everyday to maintain and develop our greatest passion.
Again during 1998 he presents at the SAS Championship Breeders an excellent breeder group of “Hero della Grande Valle”, his own subject, which he conducted in person until the 3rd Work Patent, as a life selection. “Birke di Casa Beggiato” will be placet 5th in the Italian Championship SAS in the Puppy class. In 1999 the good results of the Hero’s group presentation will be repeated as much successfully and with a larger group. Again in 1999 our “Bessy di Casa Appula” wins as 19th excellent in the World Championship SV, and one of Hero’s daughters “Selly di Val Mincio” wins as 2nd in the Italian Championship SAS in Juniores class.

1999: It starts for Stefano, in this year, with his conduction to the auslese level the dog Math della Loggia dei Mercanti, what became in the time a close friendship with Franco Magistrelli bredeer of world-wide reputation with the name "DELLA LOGGIA DEI MERCANTI".

2000: my beloved Vittoria is born, and at 13 days attends at her first Championship SAS in Silea (TV).

Casa Beggiato

During this year Stefano takes his studies again as student judge, gaining successfully the written and theoretical examination. Casa Beggiato

2001: A profitable Italian-german cooperation begins between us, Vasco Bianconi and various important german breeders. The joint efforts with Germany is validated by the purchase of a young and very hopeful subject, “Xadro Von Bad-Boll”, 1st in the Juniores class at the Italian Championship SAS.

Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

2002: The competitive seasons begins well and goes on with “Xadro Von Bad-Boll” at the 1st place in seventeen meetings in Italy and in Germany!!! During this year Xadro wins a 10th place in the Siegerschau and will be a vice-sieger in the Italian Championship.

Our following subjects wins in the Italian Championship:
“Sofy di Casa Beggiato” is Siegerin in the Juniores class
“Sabo’ di Casa Beggiato” is 3rd in the Male Juniores class
“Ringhia di Casa Beggiato” wins the 5th place in Puppies Female class
Thanks to the cooperation and close friendship with Franco Magistrelli we are proud of the training and running of “Xiuno della Loggia dei Mercanti”, winner of a 4th place in Puppies, which is an important subject in Latin America, rated as a Vice-Sieger in this country.
2003: “Duffy Duck di Val Del Lambro”, 6th at the Italian Championship in Female Juniores class.

“Week di Casa Beggiato” is 5th at the Italian Championship in Female Puppies class.
“Willy di Casa Beggiato” is 3rd at the Italian Championship in Male Puppies class.
“Sofy di Casa Beggiato” is 6th at the Italian Championship in Young Female class.
“Xadro Von Bad-Boll” is 28th Excellent at the World Championship SV in Germany and Auslese at the Italian Championship, and in spite of the early youth of the subject a beautiful reproduction group.

Casa Beggiato

A very important relationship begins during this year, with Roberto Frattaroli, athletic trainer for “Flax di Casa Beggiato” which leads this very important reproducer to the Austrian Championship and to the Italian Championship in the Adult class with a very excellent result. Moreover, the Team “Casa Beggiato” wins the award as 4th best group of breeders in the Italian Championship.

Casa Beggiato

2004: an historical event for “Fanny di Val del Lambro”, which is 9th in the very youngs female class at the World Championship SV in Karlsruhe. In the youngs class two other dogs: “Duffy Duk di Val del Lambro” and “Willy di Casa Beggiato” win in the 1st group in the World Championship SV.
For the first time we attend the French Championship, and we obtain good placements:

“Ley di Val del Lambro” is 8th in the Very Young class,
“Duffy Duk di Val del Lambro” is 6th in the female young class,
“Willy di Casa Beggiato” 6th in the male young class.

We close the season at the Italian Championship:

“Ley di Val del Lambro” is 4th in the Very youngs female class
“Zilla di Casa Beggiato” is 5th in the very youngs female class
the grey “Bora dei Monti della Laga” is 6th in the very youngs female class
“Duffy Duk di Val del Lambro” is 7th in the young female class
“Xadro Von Bad-Boll” is 7th Auslese and we present for the second time his reproduction group.
The “Casa Beggiato” breeding wins as 5th Best Breeder’s Group in Italy.

Furthermore in the Work class we won 4 times as excellent places in our affix
“Sofy di Casa Beggiato”, “Uma di Casa Beggiato”,
“Margot di Casa Beggiato”
"Flax di Casa Beggiato”

We are proud and happy for this result, as this classification certifies the good work of a breeder.
Casa Beggiato Casa Beggiato

Casa Beggiato

Prize-giving ceremony of our team attending the first french meeting 2005 in Levens on Jan. 23rd, 2005

THE BOARD MEETING RESOLUTIONS held on February 15th, 2005

Exam Session Young Judges (held in Cosenza on December 5th, 2004)
The Breeding Head informs about the examination result dd. Dec. 5th, held in Cosenza.
The Assembly unanimously qualify Stefano Beggiato, due the the examination results and the Commission's appraisal.

Naples, April 3rd, 2005 1st SAS Meeting held by Stefano

2005: we open the season at the W.Gorrieri trophy with the 1st places of Gilles and Gaia di Casa Beggiato, 3rd Quantro di Val del Lambro and 4 top V's with Willy, Uma, Ringhia and Margot di Casa Beggiato.

SV World Championship 2005 Fanny di Val del Lambro, although she's just entered the working bitch class, qualifies for a brilliant V12, accompanied by two more "excellents", Ringhia and Willy di Casa Beggiato, handled and prepared by Pierluigi Carrubba and Mario Decorato, who for the first time, very nervously, but very efficiently, enter a stadium for a manwork test. Asia qualifies 25th in the Young Bitches Class and Ice v. Steinhauerberg 48th in the Young Dog Class.
French National Campionship 2005 Macho di Casa Beggiato 10th in the Dog Puppy Class and Quenta di Val del Lambro 7th in the 12-18 bitch class, in the same class Gaia is on the podium in 3rd place. Ice v. Steinauerberg is 6th in the Young Dog Class. Sofy di Casa Beggiato e Bora dei Monti della Laga are respectively placed V11 and V12 and Zar di Casa Beggiato also gets its excellent grading in the Working Dog Class. Bora and Zar are worked and handled by Enrico Milani and Bertrand Falque, who've also had their first time in the stadium for the manwork test, and we all know what that means............

SAS Italian Championship 2005 In the footsteps of her sister Fanny, Sharon di Val del Lambro, lead by our roman commander Franco Cesarini, gets a 5th place in the 6-9 mths class, Ingrid della Loggia dei Mercanti 10th in 9-12 mths, Frisa di Casa Beggiato 16th in Youth class, Asia 6th in Young Bitches, Ice v. Steinhauerberg 6th in Young Males, Duffyduk di Val del Lambro V and Ringhia di Casa Beggiato also V, handled by Rosario Carrubba, only 11 years old! Uma and Willy di Casa Beggiato both V9, and finally the sought after SAS VA title for Fanny di Val del Lambro. We round off the Championship in style with an excellent progeny group of Xadro Bad Boll, which includes 5 subjects in the working classes, and two kennel groups, "di Casa Beggiato" and "di Val del Lambro".

The season closes with the Swiss Championship, which sees Quenta di Val del Lambro Vice-Siegerin in the Youth Class and Ice v. Steinhauerberg Young Dog Sieger, placing himself in front of the 5th and 6th of the latest Sieger Show.

We start the italian season at the W. Gorrieri Trophy with Roma di Casa Beggiato 2° in the class Cuccioloni and Quark di Casa Beggiato winner in the class Cuccioloni Maschi and at the Riccò Trophy. During all the agonistic season we won many meetings in Germany with Quark, Roma e Gaia di Casa Beggiato e Sharon di Val del Lambro. BELGIUM CHAMPIONSHIP 2006
This is the first year we take part in this beautiful, numerous championship, with 3 of our dogs in the top ten of their classes with hundred of attendant ang Siegershau judges. Quark di Casa Beggiato 6° in Giovanissimi Maschi, Roma di Casa Beggiato 4° in class Giovanissime Femmine (started as Siegerin) and Sharon di Val del Lambro 9° in class Giovani Femmine.

Our wonderful Fanny di Val del Lambro gains the Important 7° Excellent in the class Lavoro Femmine. For problems of health we have not been able to introduce ours Gaia and Roma di Casa Beggiato, both of them with great placements for the whole year. Although unlucky and a little bit abused we succeed in placing Sharon di Val del Lambro to the 31° place in the class Giovani Femmine and Quark di Casa Beggiato 48° in class Giovanissimi Maschi.

Ulrike di Casa Beggiato, our first grey sheperd gets the 7° place in the class Juniores and Willy di Casa Beggiato gains the 1° excellent in the most important class Lavoro Maschi.

The first son of our beautiful Sofy, Vento di Casa Beggiato, gains the 3° place in the class Cuccioloni Maschi at the very first competition of his life. We place 4 dogs in the top 20 in the Giovanissimi Class: Ramona 20°, Quark 10° e Queen 4° at her first official introduction. As a confirm of the important we give to the character in our breeding, we introduce 4 dogs in the class Lavoro and all of them have brightly overcome the character test with excellent placemnts: Uma 9° Excellent, Week 13° Excellent, Ringhia 25° Excellent and Willy 15° Excellent. We conclude the Italian Championship introducing, for the 4 consecutive year (we are the only one breeding in the last years) a great breeding group placed at the 5° place. We are also proud to see that the 2° in the Giovanissimi Class and the 14° Excellent in the class Lavoro Femmine are sons of Dames of Casa Beggiato.

2007: The agonistic season starts with the great results of our Fanny di Val del Lambro, SIEGERIN AUSLESE at Mexican championship 2007 and 4th AUSLESE at Argentinean championship 2007. Great results during all the season, in the most important german gatherings, in particular for Vento and Gaia di Casa Beggiato, Amira di Val del Lambro and Asia.

SWISS CHAMPIONSHIP 2007: Ringhia di Casa Beggiato very well conducted by our young handler Rosario, 3rd Excellent in female work class.

SV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2007 BRAUNSCHWEIG: Gaia di Casa Beggiato V49 in female work class after a great recovery of 3 groups and about 85 positions, Amira di Val del Lambro 32nd SG in young female class despite of its bad conditions and finally the grat sadisfaction and honour of seeing at 4th place in young male class Tuareg von Bad Boll, son of our Fanny di Val del Lambro.

SAS ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2007: In spite of everything... judges change, management changes but not our results: We confirm our position as 5th national breeding group for the 5th consecutive year. Fantasia and Ingrid di Casa Beggiato 8th and 13th in juniores female class. Etienne di Casa Beggiato 12th in cuccioloni male class, Baby di Casa Beggiato 15th in cuccioloni female class, Ringhia di Casa Beggiato 27th Excellent in female work class. And in the same female work class our beautiful GAIA DI CASA BEGGIATO, prepared by our untireless professional Cristina Unterberg and conducted by Heike, gains the coveted title AUSLESE (a great and unspeakable emotion, result of a grat work of our all team).

2008: Moves its first steps in Germany, 4 first places in 4 competitions, even if just in Cuccioloni class, our great HOPE "SAMMO di Casa Beggiato"
SV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2008 in AACHEN: For the consecutive 4th year we succeed in placing a dog of our breeding in the queen class Lavoro Femmine. After Fanny in 2005 and 2006, Gaia in 2007 (we can consider them both subsequently automatically proclaimed SAS AUSLESE, for their quality, unquestioned world-wide value and results in world championships), this year it's the turn of our Titti di Val del Lambro. Great and satisfactory result also because of the young age of our handler Rosario Carrubba.

SAS ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2008: For the 6th consecutive time we present our breeding group obtaining the 5th place. Carlotta di Casa beggiato 13th in Juniores class, Yasmine di Casa Beggiato 4th in Cuccioloni Class (these 2 dogs and the 9th in Cuccioloni Maschi Class, Lapo, of our friend Fiorenzo De Dionigi, are the result of the first coverings of our imported stallion Ramiro von Arlett). Sarko and Tyron di Casa Beggiato, respectively 5th and 6th in Cuccioloni Maschi class. In Giovani Maschi class our Fimo di Cà San Marco gains the 4th place in the official competition but deserves and receives the general consent from the best breeders and real fans of the race. In Lavoro Class, this year as usual, 3 new excellent for our breeding: Zilla di Casa Beggiato 9th excellent, Titti di Val del Lambro 12th excellent and Vento di Casa Beggiato 16th excellent. I think that also for this year there's noting more to do than:

2009: Our hope becomes reality. The whole season see our SAMMO at world's top. 10 competitions in Germany with 9 different judges, 9 first place and one second place. SV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 - ULM For the 5th consecutive year another dog in the first group in Work class: AMIRA di Val del Lambro 50th Ecc. followed another time by our TITTY di Val del Lambro 63rd Ecc. Another great result in Giovani Femmine class with the 38th place of CARLOTTA di Casa Beggiato that is daughter of a certain RAMIRO VON ARLETT... What else? SAMMO di Casa Beggiato our King 4th in Giovani Class. I think that every fan can understand what this result means for us and the quality of the work that stands behind a great result like this for a male at this level

SAS ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2009: For the 7th consecutive year (the only one breeding in Italy) we introduce our brreding group that gains the 3rd place on the podium. Sammo ends the season becoming Sieger in Giovani Class (1st) and winning despite the beautiful and fierce competitors. NIKI, our new hope (has already wonher first competition in Germany) becomes Vice-Sieger (2nd) in a numerous Cuccioloni Class. CARLOTTA gains the title of SAS promise (7th) and AMIRA ends her great agonistic career with a very good 3rd Ecc. in Lavoro Class. Great results also for TYRON and SARKO, respectively 4th e 10th in Giovani Class, YUMA 6th MB in Giovani Class, FAUST 6th in Giovanissimi Class, HELLEN and HEIDI 20th and 21st MB in Giovanissimi Class, PATO 14th MB in Cuccioloni Class and ULULA 18th MP in Juniores Class. I can say that we had a great agonistic season that will encourage us to do even better and more! It' always time to improve and learn...

2010 SV World Championship 2010 - NÜRNBERG
Good result 35° in Giovani Class fou or great Niki di Casa Beggiato. I think the best and complete female I've ever bred. I expect great results from her both in competitiveness and breeding.

SAS Italian Championship 2010 – BAGNOLO IN PIANO
We presented our breeding group for the 8th consecutive year, placed at 5th position because of the young age of our dogs. Great team work placing 11 dogs in the first 10 positions in various classes: Orly 6th Ecc. in Lavoro Femmine Class, with one of the best attacks of the championship, Niki and Quana respectively 7th and 10th in Giovani Class, Bax 3rd in Giovanissimi Class, Carina 6th in Giovanissime Class, Nato and Asics respectively 3rd and 4th in Cuccioloni Class, Nera, Pina and Aurora, 3rd, 4th and 10th in Cuccioloni Femmine Class and Ranya 4th in Juniores Femmine Class.

2011 SV World Championship Nruremberg 2011
Excellent results of our Asics and Aurora degli Achei, who manage to enter the 1st group of merit in young Class, after a year of work and excellent results both in Italy and Germany. Yakira di Casa Beggiato, grown, prepared and conducted by my dear friends of Treviso (Stefano, Osvaldo e Sabatino) reaches the fabulous result of 15th in young class, Faust di Casa Beggiato, di Luigi Valori with the help of Maurizio Lombardini , reaches the V in work class males and, last but not least, in the premier class adult females, our Carlotta di Casa Beggiato, after a sensational season, gains the V 9th place.

SAS Italian Championship 2011
I really don't know where to start ...
Breeding of "Casa Beggiato" proclaimed best Italian breeding 2011! I really want to thank all my collaborators and family for supporting me and, above all, putting up with me to reach this important and great result.

Truly a great team that has contributed achieving the following results:

Marko Team Torretta 3rd in Juniores Class
Dafne di Casa Beggiato 12th in the Cuccioloni Class
Danko di Casa Beggiato 2nd, vicesieger in Cuccioloni Class
Sunny di Casa Beggiato 5th in Giovanissime Class
Yakira do Casa Beggiato 2nd, vicesiegerin in Giovanissime Class
Quark di Val Sant'Anna, 3rd in Giovanissimi Class
Pina di Casa Beggiato, 16th in Giovani Class
Aurora degli Achei, 8th Giovani Class
Asics degli Achei, 11th in Giovani Class
Orly di Casa Beggiato, 14th Ecc. in Adult Class
Carina di Casa Beggiato, 1st Ecc in Adult Class
Niki di Casa Beggiato AUSLESE SAS 2011

2012 SV World Championship – Ulm
Placing a dog in the top 20 and get into the stadium for the parade of honor is the dream of every breeder and doing it once every 4/5 years means that we're working well and that we're on the right side.
Our team made the "HISTORY" with 4 dogs in top 15 ...
Noasy di Casa Beggiato 12th in giovanissime class (Thanks Paolo)
Danko di Casa Beggiato 15th in gioani class (Thanks Christina and Angelo)
Quark di Val Sant'Anna 6th in giovani class (Thanks Salvatore, Luciano and Fabio )
Carlotta di casa Beggiato 2nd exc. in lavoro class, the premier class (Thanks David, you were mythical, decisive and incisive)
We can also be proud of the fact that the World Champion Elly del Seprio is the daughter of a Casa Beggiato (Thanks Week ...)

SAS ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.... 4 dogs in the first 3 places + 6 dogs presented in lavoro class and all have successfully passed the test of character + presented for the 10th consecutive time our breeding group 2nd to 15 (record of all time) + Siegerin adulti daughter of a "CASA Beggiato", but the more exciting thing I think is
Many thanks to all my TEAM ......

-CARLOTTA di casa Beggiato 3rd AUSLESE .
-RANIA di casa Beggiato 7th ecc.
-CARINA di casa Beggiato 9th ecc.
-QUANA di casa Beggiato ecc.
-ULULA di casa Beggiato ecc.
-LYON di casa Beggiato 14th ecc.
-DANKO di casa Beggiato VICESIEGER giovani
-NOASY di casa Beggiato 3rd giovanissime
-WENDY di casa Beggiato 11th cuccioloni.
-KING von Badsee ( son of Carlotta) SIEGER juniores

World Championship SV 2013 KASSEL
The only one among the italian breeders to succeed in getting position in the first group in the top class Working Male and Working Female, both for the male DANKO di Casa Beggiato V32, and the female RANIA di Casa Beggiato V42 ( despite awful conditions of hairs )

DANKO di casa Beggiato
RANIA di casa Beggiato
Auslesi SAS campionato italiano 2013.
Storica doppietta, che ci riempie di soddisfazione e ci ripaga pienamente per il grande lavoro fatto in questi anni da tutto il nostro Team..... Per Danko voglio ringraziare Angelo ( dove è nato ), Paolo che l'ha saputo allenare fisicamente al meglio ed i nostri figuranti che gli hanno permesso di fare un meraviglioso attacco, L. Roman, A. Torchia e Thomas Altenburger . Per Rania voglio ringraziare i miei compagni di avventura Angelo Colasuonno e Carla, che non hanno mai smesso ,come me, di credere nell'obbiettivo anche nelle giornate più difficili. Per entrambi i nostri 2 AUSLESI, ringrazio particolarmente la nostra instancabile ed insostituibile valchiria Christina Unterberg che, con la sua passione ed esperienza, ha saputo preparare in modo eccellente l'addestramento dei nostri campioni . Danke Christina… Du bist die Beste!

Here are all the results of our Team in the details:
*BREEDER DI CASA BEGGIATO –Italian Championship SAS 2013, 3' absolute Group among 15 , the only one in the history which has introduced the Group for 11 consecutive years*
-LYON di Casa Beggiato -18' V
-BESJ Dell'Altopiano – 14' JHKL FEMALE
-GEISHA di Casa Beggiato-7' JKL FEMALE
-QUIXI di Casa Beggiato – 9' nwkl FEMALE
-VIP di Casa Beggiato -11' Juniores NWKL MALE
-KATE di Casa Beggiato – 1st working female –long hair
-GILDA di Casa Beggiato -1st JKL FEMALE –long hair

After 35 years of breeding and great competitiveness, fueled by the immense passion that runs through my veins , this year I experienced a totally different atmosphere at the league. Finally, and with many sacrifices I must say , I realized a youth dream: judging SAS Italian Breeding league. Sitting at the table of the technical meeting , the very same table where sat people I consider the superstars of the dog world, has been an indescribable feeling. I saw many images in my mind, well-beloved to me , friends and teachers passed away but who left their indelible print on me.


Some of our dogs distinguished at SAS Italian League in Bagnolo, masterly lead by Paolo Ingrassia and Vittoria

ROBIN di Casa Beggiato 15th in Giovani class
JADE di Casa Beggiato (Danko’s Daughter) 13th
QUIXI di Casa Beggiato 15th in Giovani class
NOX dei Campi Robbiati (Danko’s Son) 11th in Giovanissimi class
NICHOLAS di Casa Beggiato 4th in Juniores class
NATASHA di Casa Beggiato 6th in Juniores class

2 dogs of our breeding placed, HEAD HELD HIGH, in the first merit group:
JADE di Casa Beggiato 33rd in Giovanissime class
QUIXI di Casa Beggiato 48th in Giovani class

World championship Sv 2015 at Nuremberg; after a year and half of sacrifices by our trainer Maria Letizia with the seriously overcoming of 3 titles (IPO1 - IPO2 - IPO3), finally the great satisfaction of the big result for a dog of 2 years and half, TUJA di casa Beggiato V 25 SV 2015 (25th excellent).

Italian championship SAS 2015
we presented for the 12th times consecutive our team (world's record in the absolute) and is a 5th place! Danko di casa Beggiato two years later the title of AUSLESE presented a beautiful group of breeding (homogeneity, type and pigmentation). Four excellent of our dogs in the GHKL class, Tuja di casa Beggiato, after a beautiful defence test 4-4, Ruby 9th excellent, Nox and Robin di casa Beggiato V 17. Moreover, in the younger class, we have placed 4 dogs in the first 11th places. Nicholas di casa Beggiato 10th in the JHKL male class, Natasha and Noa di casa Beggiato 10th and 11th in the JHKL female class, and the new entry Jork di casa Beggiato 7th in the juniores male class.

Another good agonistic season with new dogs of great importance of our breeding. Thomas and Vera di casa Beggiato impose themselves in numerous competitions during all the agonistic season. They get both the result of 2' vicesieger at W. Gorrieri competition, the most important show of the year after the Italian championship. Unfortunately, in that last occasion, Vera will not be present, 'cause the bad hair condition.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SV 2016 NURNBERG: NATASHA di casa Beggiato V 29. Four generations that have passed the defense test at SV world championships, thus entering merit in the leading SV places. Great-grandmother Gaia, grandmother Carlotta and mother Rania have ALL subsequently obtained the title of Auslese SAS. Just a huge thank to Christina, trainer of 3 of these 4 magnificent bitches.

4 of 4 dogs pass well the defence test in the GHKL class: Leon di casa Beggiato 1' ecc. GHKL class at only 2,5 years;
Natasha di casa Beggiato 2' ecc. GHKL class at only 2,5 years;
Jade di casa Beggiato and Olly di casa Beggiato (trained and handled by our 16-years-olds Vittoria and Katia) ecc. GHKL class;
Buddy di casa Beggiato 13' JHKL class;
Iork di casa Beggiato 16' JKL class;
Oceania di casa Beggiato 2' JKL female class long hair;
Thomas di casa Beggiato 5' NHKL class;
Zara di casa Beggiato 13' NHKL class;
Danko di casa Beggiato presents for the 2' time his breeding group with 4 dogs in the GHKL class.

Katia, 16 years old, after preparing and passing IPO and selection during the year, brilliantly surpasses the defense test at Austrian Championship with Olly di Casa Beggiato. It wins the prestigious result of 2' excellent GHKL class!

Stefano, after the beautiful experience of judging the Russian championship 2015, concludes the season judging Italian championship SAS 2016 (JKL female class) and championships in Australia and New Zealand 2016.


We have placed 5 dogs in the first groups.

  • VERA in JHKL female
  • DIEGO 35° JKL male
  • YASABEL 34° JHKL female
  • THOMAS 26° JHKL male


5 dogs of 5 from our team pass brilliantly the bite test in GHKL: Leon, Astro, Natasha, Orma, Olly and Raika.

After the couple of Auslesi in 2013 (Danko and Rania) this year there was another one more important with their sons LEON di casa Beggiato, AUSLESE, and NATASHA di casa Beggiato, AUSLESE. The satisfaction and the amazement is enormous, thinking about that Natasha represents the 4th generation of AUSLESI from our breeder. Indeed, she is the daughter of RANIA di casa Beggiato, Auslese 2013, who is the daughter of CARLOTTA di casa Beggiato, Auslese 2012, who is the daughter of GAIA di casa Beggiato, Auslese 2007.

In addition this year there were also 4 more subjects in the top 10 places, TANYA di casa Beggiato 10° NWKL (9-12 months), EMANUEL di casa Beggiato 7° NWKL (6-9 months), QUASKAL di casa Beggiato 3° NWKL (9-12 months) e the fabulous THOMAS di casa Beggiato 2°, vicesieger JHKL. These results have been made possible thanks to the work and dedication of our owners and to a fantastic and united TEAM.

Stefano after the beautiful experience of judging the Italian championship in 2014 and 2016 has the honor of judging this year's championship the JKL male class. At the same time he is elected by SAS as selector judge of German Shepherd race.

3 dogs out of 3 in the first thirty…..
- YASABEL di casa Beggiato GHKL V 3, 3rd Exc. judged by Buss
- JACQUELYNE di casa Beggiato JHKL SG 16, 16th JHKL f. (daughter of LEON di casa Beggiato) judged by Maibuchen
- THOMAS di casa Beggiato GHKL V 31, 31st Exc. judged by Quoll
Thanks to all my great and strong team who supported and got all this !!!

All the 7 dogs of our kennel have passed the character test: Thomas, Ahlborn, Quaskal, Diego, Yasabel, Iunda and the very young Nina
Thomas di casa Beggiato, 6th Auslese GHKL class
Ahlborn di casa Beggiato, 4th excellent GHKL class
Quaskal di casa Beggiato, 9th excellent GHKL class
Yasabel di casa Beggiato, 6th Auslese GHKL class
Iunda di casa Beggiato, 13rd excellent GHKL class
Nina di casa Beggiato, excellent GHKL class
Jargon di casa Beggiato, 10th JKL class
Hisa di casa Beggiato, 5th JKL class, started 2nd
Liu Gio di casa Beggiato, 10th JKL female class
Tacos di casa Beggiato, 10th NWKL 6/9 class
Rose di casa Beggiato, 3rd NWKL 6/9 class, started 1st
Thomas di casa Beggiato and Leon di casa Beggiato; two progeny groups that have represented us well

Stefano Judged this year the Young female class at Italian CHampionship SAS 2019:
This year I am HONORED to have judged one of the most beautiful classes of all time. The JHKL class, a real spectacle....... I’ll like to thank all the enthusiasts who, by entering and showing their dogs without tactics, have contributed to all this.


2021 After the closure of all sporting events due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are starting again…


3 new excellent of our subjects at the working class world championship:

- AHLBORN di casa Beggiato V 44 SV GHKL class
- JACQUELYNE di casa Beggiato V 31 SV GHKL class
- HAPPY di casa Beggiato V SV GHKL class And our very young ITALO di Casa Beggiato SG 11 JKL class…….


- AHLBORN di casa Beggiato V 1 GHKL class
- QUERO di casa Beggiato SG 2 JHKL class Vicesieger
- TRISTANO di casa Beggiato SG 8 JHKL class
- TWILIGHT di casa Beggiato SG 12 JHKL class
- ITALO di casa Beggiato SG 1 SIEGER JKL class
- THORA di casa Beggiato VV 3 NWKL 9-12 class
- OLIVIA di casa Beggiato VV 11 NWKL 9-12 class

In 2021 Stefano is called to judge the breeding championship in France

2022 The year begins with a great loss not only for us but for all world of breeding. Our dear friend and SAS president Luciano Musolino leaves us, a man who has brought prestige to Italian breeding in the world as a breeder, presenter, trainer, judge and manager.

As for our subjects, they have excelled in all the best championships in the world:


2 of our subjects in the top 10 in the WORLD,
- DEVESH di casa Beggiato SG 8 JKL class
- YAKIRA di casa Beggiato SG 9 JHKL class
- RAIKA di casa Beggiato V 26 Ghkl class


-QUERO di casa Beggiato V 1 GHKL class
-ADRY di casa Beggiato SG 5 JHKL
-L'ORANGE di casa Beggiato SG 2 Vicesieger JKL
-FRITZ di casa Beggiato SG 2 JKL
-QUENNY di casa Beggiato VV 9 NWKL 9-12
-LEON di casa Beggiato, best breeding group


- HELGA di casa Beggiato V 4 GHKL class
-DEVESH di Casa Beggiato SG 1 SIEGER JKL class


ZEA di casa Beggiato SG 7 in JHKL class


After having judged the UNFORGETTABLE JHKL female class from the beginning of 2019, I followed the same female dogs in 2020 and closed the cycle in the year 2021 and 2022, assigning the Auslese titles in the GHKL female class of the Italian SAS championship.

I should write a lot ... but I want to limit myself by publicly thanking all the members of Sas. After these fantastic seasons and especially this year 2022 during which we filled the sports fields all over Italy from north to south, you have been able to beat EVERY previous record.

Sifting through all the digital archive of the Sas of the last 12 years, I estimated that the average presence of this class was 60 bitches.

This year, 112 females were enrolled in the female working class, 92 of whom showed up at the starting point of the defence test (you were extraordinary, 50% more than the average).

Incredible numbers if we also consider the general drop in attendance worldwide.

Let's not talk about the quality of the subjects, what can I tell you?

Simply FANTASTIC, at least 40 females to be the envy of the whole world with 12 Auslesi REALLY worthy of this TITLE.

Having introduced me sportingly to all these beautiful dogs has truly honored me and repaid me for all the efforts made in these years.

As I said in my final speech to the stadium microphone, I am aware that this year concludes a cycle that has certainly enriched me, heartfelt thanks to all SAS members and to all the enthusiasts who have allowed me to experience all this peacefully!!!

In 2022 Stefano is called to judge the breeding championship in Spain.

Stefano, after 12 years of long and troubled process, became an expert ENCI-FCI-SAS international judge, in 2017 he was appointed breed selector judge. In 2018 he was appointed WUSV judge in Germany, following a course, practices and exams at the SV. Following the SAS national elections of 12 December 2009, 19 December 2010, 22 February 2014, January 2017 and January 2020 Stefano was a member of the SAS national board of directors and held the position of breeding manager and national vice president.

Currently, together with his daughter Vittoria, he is lucky enough to have in the owners of his dogs (who later became important friends) people who collaborate every day in the maintenance and growth of what is our greatest passion. Today our TEAM has grown and increased and makes use of the collaboration of more than forty people; special, competent and close-knit, with whom it is very nice to work, rejoice together and celebrate!!!!