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If after visiting our internet site you realise the profound difference between a selected German Shepherd and a common dog. If it has been made clear that real Breeders (with a capital B) are not made in a day. If you want to appreciate and value the qualities, already innate in our future German Shepherd, fruit of the work of one who has studied and conceptualized a model that can have such qualities that may be used like the parable of Talents -which will then be your exciting task to develop fully-. If aware not only of the duties but also of the satisfaction that a sensitive creature who will spend its whole life in your company can surely give. If after having reflected that in your life it will be wonderful to share every day, every stroll, every relaxing moment, every vacation, every appointment in the training school rather than every lesson in the Civil Protection with the ambitious attempt to prepare your German Shepherd for aiding. If you are sure of everything, then the moment has arrived to become a worthy owner of a REAL German Shepherd. Send us your request by filling up the questionnaire below, and we will read it carefully with the hope of being able to fulfil your wish.

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Have you already had or do you have a dog?
How old is you and your dog today?
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(for company, because you would like to be deeply involved in athletic training, you would like to attend dog shows, for personal defense or defense of property, or to work with the Civil Protection, etc…)
When you would want to have it?
Would you like a 60-days-old puppy, an older puppy 6-8 months or an adult dog?
Do you prefer male or female?
Would you prefer a subject to normal hair, long-haired or is it indifferent
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With the hope of soon being able to become friends united by the same passion for the REAL German Shepherd, we will take your request in consideration!!